Tuesday, September 3, 2013

In Malaga at last!

Sister Deere, the Mission President's wife said it was a Tsunami!!! 31 missionaries arrived by train.

6 by plane

Hello, family!!  We just arrived in Malaga a few hours ago.  This morning we got up at 4:40 AM to say goodbye to the missionaries going to Barcelona and then we had all our things cleaned up and left the CCM at about 6:30 for the train station.  We got on our train with the help of the maestros and we departed at 7:35 for Malaga.  The train ride was about 2 and half hours long and we arrived in the Malaga train station.  When we got all our things off of the train we were greeted by the Assistants and also the Deere's!!  We were all so excited to meet them and they are the nicest people ever.  When we got done with all that we grabbed some clothes for the night out of our bags and put our bags in some lockers at the train station so we can pick them up when we get to our area.  After that we walked to the capilla and we've just been here getting a little orientation about what to do with residency and credit cards and what not.  A little stressful, but we'll figure it out sometime. I also had my interview with President Deere and I love him already.  I can already tell he is such an inspired man and I'm excited to work with him.  I think later today we're going to the mission home and staying at a hotel over night and then we get our companions tomorrow or the next day. Anyway, this is just another short "I'm not dead" email, but I love you and I'm excited to tell you about my area and what it's like wherever I'm going.  by the way, Malaga is much more beautiful than Madrid.  No competition.  This is the place for me.  Cant wait to be a "real" missionary!!

Elder Adamson

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