Monday, September 30, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 9/30/2013

Zone Conference in Murcia with the Cartagena, Alicante and Murcia Zones.

Hello!!!  here´s the week!

Monday, we just chilled in the piso for most of our free time and didn´t do a lot, but later that night when we finished we went to visit ... and we watched the Restoration video with him, which wasn´t originally our plan, but it worked out well.  After the video we talked about how he felt and he  told us that he felt really good and different than you usually did and we explained to him that what he was feeling was the Spirit.  After that we committed him to be baptized on the 12th of October.  Our first fecha! Now he just needs to come to church... haha   After that we went to Hermana ...´s house and talked to her about how we can help her with her two hijos because they area both menos activos.  One of them is ... who I helped call the USA for his car part.  Then she asked us for a blessing so I did the anointing and Elder Galarza did the sealing.

Tuesday we visited ... again and of course we had to start off with a few songs.  And shared a message from Alma 5 I think it was.  Then we went to the house of the familia S... and they´re awesome people.  We had a dinner cita with them and they are SUPER friendly and loving.  They also have a son on a mission right now in Barcelona and he was in the CCM with me.  After we ate, we had a little testimony meeting about our conversion stories and it was really cool.  Very strong members.

Wednesday, we ate lunch with the O... and that was lots of fun too.  Our Bishop is a very humble and loving man and I´m glad I´m serving in his ward.  After I shared a message about having faith and how it can give us a sure foundation (Ether 12:4, 2 Nefi 17:13).  Right after that, we went to P...´s house to teach ...  We taught our first lesson on the Restoration and I LOVED it.  I wish we could do it more, but for now we just need to keep looking for people to teach.  ... is a great kid, and he always has really good questions.  After our lesson we walked to the Capilla with ... where we were supposed to have another cita with a future investigator named ..., but she´s super floja and I don´t think she really wants to hear from us.  Then we were going to help with English classes and teach ..., but the missionaries who had the teaching material never showed up so that fell through.  Kind of frustrating, but I think we won a little more of ...´s trust while we were with him at the Capilla.  After that we took him to the bus stop and he took a bus back home and we went home too.

Thursday, we had another cita with the bishop and brought him a box of chocolates to tell him that we are his missionaries and that we´re here to help him with whatever he needs ( a recommendation  from President Deere that is super cool).  That day, we also got together with the other missionaries and made brownies for our Super Noche de Brownies (ward activity).  Later that night we visited Alberto and talked about ward mission plan dealios. 

Friday, we had the Super Noche de Brownies, which was planned as a missionary opportunity for the members, but the only person to bring a non member was the bishop.  The activity was really fun and we got to know the members better through it as well.  Our members are awesome and super nice, but we really need to get the spirit of sharing the gospel going here. But, there are a few members here also that share the gospel ALWAYS, which is awesome.

Saturday, we went to another baptism of a member in our ward named ....  The other Elders taught him and he is a ROCK.  He always shows up early for meetings and always wants to participate.  He was super prepared to receive the Gospel.  Then we had a correlation meeting with the lider misional and the obispo to try and get the members more involved in the work.  That afternoon, we visited .... again and taught him from 2 Nefi 31 17-21.  I think we´ve just about got him to come to church, but he´s still got a few excuses up his sleeve.  We´re working on it.  Later that day we saw a few miracles.  The past 3 weeks we´ve tried to visit old investigators with no luck, but this day was awesome.  We got to visit ... and her son who hadn´t talked to the missionaries in 5 years.  They seemed to be super receptive and it was really comfortable to talk him them.  I think they trust us and will let us keep coming.  Her son especially seems to be interested.  After teaching them a lesson 0, we went to visit another former investigator in the same building who lives with ... (Menos Activo)  he wasn´t there, but another guy that lives there was. His lame is ... and he is quite possibly the nicest man I´ve met since being here.  As soon as we told him who we were he invited us right in and we talked about religion.  He is muslim, which could complicate things a little, but I´m pretty sure we can teach him since he´s from Morocco.  (there are a lot of weird rules about that)  He was very accepting of out thoughts and even invited us back.  3 new investigators in like an hour and a half!  Great day for us and an answer to prayers.

Sunday, church was a good time and we got invited to a few more members houses to eat and what not, and then we went to work in Barrio de Progresso and talked to a homeless man from Bulgaria named ....  he was super nice and let me play his guitar for a minute.  He wasn´t asking us for money or anything, but he´s in a tough situation, but Elder Galarza wants to try and help him.  Not sure how yet, but we´ll see.  Then we went and found where one of our future investigators lives, but we didn´t go in because he told us he was a little drunk over the intercom.. haha.  Then we visited Hermana F... again and she had a friend and her friends mother there.  We just wanted to share a little message, but things got a little awkward and the mother and daughter argued a little about religion because the daughter is LDS and her mother is Catholic.  Pretty awkward, but Elder G shared a good scripture about how we learn by the Spirit and not by contention.  Super cool.  Then we had a prayer for the mother and her son to know if the church was true, so maybe we´ll be able to talk with them again soon.

Today, for P day we hiked to this Christ statue that is super cool.  I´ll attach some pictures of it.  Around it, there are a lot of little catacombs with nothing in them, which was weird, but in the pictures you´ll see the statue.  We hiked up to the feet of the statue and let me tell ya, it´s super high.  There is a stone spiral stair case that you take to get to the top and it´s pitch black in there.  Really fun day though.

That´s it for this week!

Love you!

Elder Adamson

Elders Adamson and Galarza

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