Monday, September 23, 2013

Elder Adamson's Letter 9/23/2013

Hello Family!!  here´s my week.

Last Monday for P day we got kebabs, which are super weird and kind of sketchy looking but they´re really good.  They have this rotating hunk of mystery meat that is next to a thing that looks like a big space heater and they shave parts of it off with a little saw and put it in a little burrito type deal with other things.  It´s really good, but it´s tasty.  Maybe you can google it.  We didn´t do much that day other than that chill with the other Elders and Hermanas, but it was a fun day.  Later that day we went to Barrio del Progresso with no luck which made for kind of a discouraging night.

Tuesday was super weird.  We visited ... and ... again, and that went pretty well.  This time he recorded us singing on us camera and then we shared a message with him after. I think he´s slowly understanding what he´s missing out on by not coming to church.  Later that night, this guy started talking with us and telling us all these weird experiences that he had with his friends.  He was talking about how he thought Satan was stronger than God, which is 100% false, and he seemed to be pretty troubled.  We took his number down and everything so we could give him a blessing of comfort, but when we went to meet him, he  
didn´t show up and hasn't answered our calls or anything since, so most likely he was just messing with us, because his stories were pretty out there.

Wednesday was a pretty rough day, and like every other day this week, we weren´t able to meet with ...  We really need to teach him more but he´s a pretty busy kid and he plays soccer all the time.  He´s interested though and we need to find a time to meet with him.  We didn´t get in a single door that day until like 9:45 and it was the house of the ward mission leader.  But his brother who is less active was there, so we got in a little lesson there.

Thursday was Elder Galarza´s B day so we celebrated after a meeting and got Kebabs for lunch.  Later that night we tried to meet with ... again, but he wasn´t home so we went to Los Garres (a pueblo) where we met with a member named ....       She´s a super friendly lady and has infinite desires to share the gospel.  We went around to her neighbors and didn´t really have much luck, because it seemed like she´s talked to all of them already and they´re comfortable with where they are right now.  She´s given out so many BOMS to people there.

Friday, P... told us he would come to church with his abuela (grandmother) and we were excited about that.  Didn´t have very much luck this day either.  We tried visiting some old investigators with no luck, but we got in with some members and made another prayer list with them.  Later we found some young folks outside and told them about our English classes that we teach and invited them.  They live in the other Elders zone, though.  Pretty much everyone we´ve contacted, with a few exceptions is from the other Elders area, or they gave us a fake address.  One of the ones we thought was golden flat out lied to us about his number and address and pretended to be super interested.  I hate that.  I also found out I only had 4 euros on my card this night.. haha.  not because I spend a ton, but because we have to pay a lot for the buses and I had to buy some things for the piso.  I need to do reimbursements for them quick.  

Saturday, we went to the capilla for a baptism and it was really cool to see.  The lady that was baptized found the missionaries and told them she wanted to be baptized. A miracle for them for sure.  After that there was a little relief society activity that we went to and they fed us empanadas and everything, so I wasn´t complaining.  We visited R... that night and shared Alma 34 with him, which is super strong for menos activos.  Hopefully he´s picking up what we´re putting down.  We visited the stake patriarch and his wife that night as well and made another prayer list with them.  Super nice people and they´re house is really nice and expensive looking.

Yesterday, P... couldn´t make it to church because he had soccer.  I was hoping to see him there.  After sacrament meeting G... told us that her husband  doesn´t really want us to come teach anymore, so we´re down to one investigator now, and it´s P....  I got super frustrated yesterday because the spanish portion of my brain just turned off for a while and I couldn´t even think. haha  I had a dolor de cabeza pretty much all day.  After church we went to the house of J... and S. (who is going to serve her mission in SLC).  J... is a really good cook and made some MEAN lasagna.  A... and P. both joined us for dinner and we made yet another prayer list with them.  So basically we´re doing a lot of praying for these people right now. ha ha  It´s not problem though, because we already pray a lot during the day as missionaries.  After we shared our message J. took us to a neighbor´s house to give her a blessing which was a surprise to all of us. Elder Galarza wanted me to do the anointing, but I had no idea how to say all those words in spanish (such as anoint, consecrated, afflicted)  So A... did it instead and Elder Galarza gave the blessing.  Now I need to study up on those words so   I´ll be ready next time. :)

That´s the week for ya.   Hopefully this week it will start picking up.  I read D&C 6 this morning which gave me some ánimo, Go read the last 4 verses of it.  Super fuertes.

  • How is the apartment--did you get a microwave to cook with?
  •     No, we don´t have a microwave, but we found out this week that our oven actually does work. You just have to turn 3 knobs to turn it on...
  • How have you done with your food preparation this week?
  •      This week we ate a lot of things with rice, like scrambled eggs and chicken.  We also threw in a freezer pizza since we can work the oven now.
  • How has your introduction with the branch moving along?
  •      We´re in a ward, but it´s going well.  Starting to build relationships with the members so hopefully the referrals will start coming soon.  We have hardly any right now.
  • Have you met other missionaries that you have found a connection with?
  •        Elder Allsop from my MTC district is in my zone so I see him at least once a week in the capilla. That´s a fun time.  Also our DL, Elder Webb is a really funny, and nice guy.  I like all the Elders I´ve met here so far.
  • Do you have regular contact with the mission home?
  •     Not really, but we get to write a letter to the President every week and he gives us advice and everything.  I love that.
Well, that´s it for today.  Glad to hear that the fam is having fun together WITHOUT me. ;)
Can´t wait to hear from you again next week.


Elder Adamson

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