Monday, June 8, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 6/8/2015

Hello everyone.  We have had another hot, but really good week here in Cáceres.  This week has been a little weird because all of our investigators have been out of town until his weekend but nights are going really well.

This week we met with P for the first time in about a week and had a very good lesson with her.  We talked about the baptism and everything and had a very good talk about it.  She is already certain that she wants to get baptized and she had told us before that she would like to get baptized on the 17th of July because that is her son’s birthday and it's a very special day for her.  At first we were really trying to set a sooner date with her than that because we were kind of worried about how far away it was.  She kept telling us how she wanted it be a special day for her and she would love for it to be on the 17 of July. In situations like this we usually don't like to take no for an answer but we just tried to listen to the Spirit about what we should do and I felt at peace with setting the date for the 17 of July so that's what we did.  That taught me a lesson.  After being a missionary for almost 2 years sometimes I think I feel like I know enough, but really there is nothing that can replace the Spirit in missionary work.  Surely God knows what will happen.  We talked to her a lot about how she could keep moving forward in the gospel and how she can keep her testimony growing and she accepted.  Her date is pretty set in stone now. I won't be here to see the baptism but that doesn't even matter to me. As long as she takes the step I am more than happy.

We've had quite a bit of contact with S this weekend and he's doing really well as well.  He's just not quite ready to accept a date.  We always invite him, but he's just convinced he's not ready yet, not matter what we tell him.  We're really hoping that he follows the example of his mother and chooses to be baptized on the same day as her.

This week I had the chance to do an exchange with one of my favorite missionaries, Elder Thia.  We had a lot of fun and we got to reminisce a lot of our times back in the San Fernando zone.  We ended the intercambio by eating a liter of ice cream between the two of us, as is tradition.  That was the last exchange that I will do on my mission.  Kind of a sad thought, but we had a lot of fun.

Yesterday we had an awesome lesson with a family from Honduras that we found on the street the other day. We found three new investigators there so we were pretty excited about that. We have another appointment with them for this Wednesday.

Loving the Mission Life

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