Monday, June 1, 2015

Elder Adamson's Letter 6/1/2015

Hello everyone!
We have done a lot of traveling this week and it's getting a lot hotter.  It's been a great week and pretty historical week as well.  We also sent Elder Gonzalez home. Sorry if my letter is kind of short today because we were running around a lot today and kind of ran out of time.

This week I made four trips between Sevilla and Caceres in three days because of transfers and a zone meeting we had in Sevilla. On Wednesday we dropped off Elder Gonzalez and I said goodbye to him.  He was a great missionary and he did a lot of good in his time here in Caceres.

I was in Sevilla pretty much all day and I got to spend a most of it with  Elder Farrell so that was fun. At around 6:30 p.m. my new companion Elder Francia arrived to Sevilla and we got on a bus for Caceres at about 8:30.  He is Peruvian and he lives in Madrid.  He is a convert and was baptized about a year and a half ago.  When he got here he told me that he could have been one of my converts.  That's a pretty cool thought.  When I came on the mission he wasn't even a member yet and now he's serving a mission.  Anyway, he is in his second transfer and I'm finishing his training.  He is a great missionary and things are going very well with him.

On Friday, we went to Sevilla to have another meeting about the iPads
and then they handed them out to us.  I honestly wasn't expecting to get
one since I go home this transfer but they gave me one anyway so I'll be
able to enjoy it at least for a little while.  We have already used it in a few
lessons and it is a really amazing tool.  It's going to change the work a lot
to have these iPads.  But, even though we have this awesome technology now, it can never replace the power of the Spirit and the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This week we haven't really been able to see P and S because they have been out of town but hopefully we will be able to see them tonight.  Y is doing really well and she is feeling the spirit when she reads the Book of Mormon.  She keeps telling us how she has noticed that her life has been a lot happier since we started teaching her and have been talking about the gospel with her.  We have seen a lot of progress in her in these past
two weeks.

I'm going to cut my letter off here because I'm out of time and we've got to head out to an appointment, but I love you and hope you are all having a great week.

Élder Adamson

Old town in Caceres

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